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At SDC Network we provide a full range of outsourcing services and solutions to businesses, government, and industry leaders, both large and small. When our clients choose SDC, they feel confident and secure that they'll receive the best people, the best tools, and the assurance that their SDC team will be there every step of the way ... until success is achieved. SDCís capabilities and expertise span the areas of:

  • Comprehensive Support Services
    Do you need a new printer installed? But regardless of how you configure your network the printer still does not work! Is your existing IT equipment acting up? Have you felt the wrath of a virus or spyware? Are you moving offices or hiring new employees? Have you experienced power outages? If you answered yes to any of these questions then SDC Network can help. Our comprehensive suite of IT support services can help with installation of your network equipment, to configuring your servers, to installing firewalls, to installing uninterrupted power supply capabilities, to antivirus protection. We are authorized partners of ESET, Sonicwall and Netgear

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  • Managed Services
    Stay connected and engaged with your customers 24/7 with SDC Network's Managed Services. Enrol in SDC Network's Hosted Exchange Service today, and provide your employees with the tools they need to succeed; tools that generate increases in efficiency and productivity by fostering greater collaboration and communication within your team.

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  • Value Added Services
    Have you been frustrated with your IT hardware and software procurement process? Tired with dealing with different vendor payment plans, credit terms, warranty issues and just simply with the sheer number of retailers and vendors? Do you enjoy spending two hours out of your day on hold with your internet service provider? Have you neglected to back up your information and data? Are you looking for Collocation Services? Do you have a Disaster Recovery Plan in place? When it comes to IT procurement, internet connectivity, and data back-up, we will get your time, sanity, and sense of security back.

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